A Celestial Sanderella [Niet vertaald]

25 september 2021
A deep blue fit-and-flare dress emblazoned with embroidery constellations

This dress is a hybrid of the Bella body block and the Sandy circle skirt. I've been calling the combo Sanderella.

The Bella's modified with a wide boatneck and lowered back neckline. The Sandy is 75% of a circle skirt, to drape over the hips with a little less volume, and the ease at the waist is set to match the Bella. I wanted to give it a little something extra, so I added a rouleau loop at the back, with the button secured to an embroidery floss tassel, and wide waist ties stitched into the waist darts.


The Bella bodice is lined for support, as the outer fabric is a little prone to stretching out. After the main bodice was finished, I embroidered it with grey and silver threads to match a suite of northern hemisphere constellations, albeit with a fair bit of artistic license. Do not use for navigation or astronomy homework. :sweat_smile:


Word to the wise, this drapey fabric really benefitted from hanging for a day or two, then trimming the bottom of the skirt off for an even hem.

made byTangerineShark

Better sewist than coder. Will always think your clothes look amazing on you. Other interests: cool rocks, birds and fish, escapist fiction, botanical art, low-key nature exploration with a nice sandwich. Generally nervous. :sweat_smile: (she/her)