Cross back ties

title: "Cross back ties"

A variation of Bee, where the neck ties cross and tie in the back by looping into a band that replaces the band tie


  • 2 neck ties
  • 1 band tie

The neck ties are sewn into the cups and tie at the neck like a halter.\ The band tie is thread through casings in the cups and ties with itself at the back

Cross Back Ties

  • 2 neck ties
  • No band tie

The band tie and casing on the cups are replaced by a band which is sewn with loops in the back.\ The neck ties are longer and cross over each other in the back, then go through the loops in the band and then tie with one another.

Effect van deze optie op het patroon

This image shows the effect of this option by superimposing several variants that have a different value for this option